S&J Machine Inc. has a Quality Assurance System that is integrated throughout our processes.  Every step of
production is monitored to guarantee the highest possible quality and to ensure observance of our rigorous
specifications.  S

Quality is paramount to all projects no matter how large or small. Although we adhere to a rigorous inspection
program, we can modify inspections and documentation to meet custom requirements upon request. S&J
Machine, Inc. is committed to understanding our customer’s expectations and meeting the quality needs of our
customers. All employees at S&J Machine are committed to continually improving the quality system

If you have a project that demands superior quality, quick turnaround and exceptional service, contact us

Inspection Equipment:                           
Quality is ensured with the use of the latest inspection equipment including Coordinate Measuring Machines,
Surface Plates, and Comparators. Additional common gages include tools such as: height gages, indicators,
gage blocks, pin gages, micrometers, calipers and other small inspection tools. All tools are company owned
and controlled.

All gauges and inspection tools are calibrated on a regulated schedule using standards traceable to the
National Bureau of Standards. This process ensures that the right gauges are always available and that they
are always in calibration. We can also accommodate Customized Testing requirements, such as unique or
special gages dedicated to specific part numbers.

ISO9001: 2008 registered

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